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East Dorset District Council Committees

Information about our decision making processes, forthcoming council meetings and decisions, and find details for your local councillors.

The public are welcome to attend all district council committee meetings unless otherwise indicated. The dates and times of the council and committee meetings are shown in the calendar of meetings.

Committee meeting information

You can find additional information regarding Council and committee meetings, copies of agendas, minutes of previous meetings, as well as officer reports. Information is also provided on dates of future meetings, and issues that will be discussed in future.

Elected representatives

Details of this council’s councillors.

How to get involved

It is possible to subscribe to updates in order to receive information via e-mail regarding particular issues and committee meetings.

The Council also permits three classes of representation at ordinary meetings of the Council and its Committees, (petitions (1), deputations (2) and questions (3)).

Representations are received at the beginning of the meeting with the following provisions:

(1) a maximum of 2 petitions are permitted at any one meeting (with a maximum period of 5 minutes);

(2) a maximum of 2 deputations are permitted (with a maximum period of 5 minutes). Notice of deputations must be received in writing by 12 noon on the last working day before the meeting. The notice needs to include the nature of the deputation, the matter to which it relates, the number of people attending, and the person or persons who will speak for them;

(3) a maximum period of 15 minutes is permitted for questions with a maximum of 3 minutes per questioner. Notice is not required but a full response may not be possible without notice. Each questioner is permitted one question. Following the response, the questioner may be permitted to ask a supplementary question if it is within three minutes available.

Outside bodies

Contact details for the council representatives on outside bodies and forums that are independent from the council.

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